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this is a story I wrote just a little bit ago there will be more if you all like it^_^ Please comment/critique.

The Story of the Forest Goddess

    A long time ago spirits of the forest and people of the land lived in peace.  The spirits granted the people water and warmth in return the people stayed out of the trees and always made sure to say a thanks when they killed an animal of the the forest.  They respected the spirits and in turn the spirits would give them gifts. Both races were happy and times where peaceful.

    But, over time the humans forgot what respect meant, and started to desecrate whole sections of the spirits land.  They began to hunt their animals for sport. These were dark times for the spirits they prayed to the ancient gods and requested help.  Their lands were dying and and the animals were disappearing.

    The gods heard their prayers and sent down a small child blessed with magic.  As the child grew she began the change shape. At first glance she would be a bobcat with a huge tail then you would blink and she would be a beautiful white deer.  So she gained her name, Kormia it translates to shifter in the gods tongue.

    Yet, as she grew she settled as two different animals, one for night, and one for day.  In the light of day she would be seen as an elegant black panther with snowy owl feathers running along her back and down into a peacock-like tail.  A black snake was coiled around her front paw. “A gift from the gods” many said while others disagreed saying the snake was a curse placed upon the child.  But, even Kormia doesn’t know why the snake is there, no one does.

    In the dark of night the forest god can be seen as a large silver bear with tiger-like stripes running across her body.  A wolfish tail extends two meters out. The snake was still there coiled around her leg but it was white as freshly fallen snow.  Some say if you were to look into her eyes you would see the whole universe, sitting there waiting to be discovered.

    Kormia was strong but even the strong have their faults.  Kormia was growing old. The gods saw this and one night as she was sleeping they whispered to her the secret of eternal life.  The next morning she stopped ageing and grew stronger. This was her duty and she would take care of the forest forever.

    Though, many times when the forest would catch fire, animals would be killed for sport, or when people destroyed parts of her forests she would feel their pain and she would pray to the gods to remove her from this task.  They would only urge her to be strong. Yet, many times the pain was to much for the young god, sometimes she would curl up and cry. Her tears would bring the rain, heavy drops of rain that would stop humans and immdiately put out fires.

    Some say her anger could shake the sky just as her sadness could cause the rain.  She was strong many times and would make hunters get lost stalking the wild animals.  She would stand in the face of fire, right trees, and revive animals. Kormia is strong she is brave and to this day she protects the Wood.

Anteater, ocelot, dog, and cat mushed together
Pencil sketch
Happy Easter everyone^_^
Since it's also April fools does anyone have any pranks to pull😈


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I like to draw animals mostly and sometimes write. My other interests include walking through the woods and playing with my animals. I can bike to what you could call a town where I play with my friends.


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